Friday, April 12, 2013

Removing White Heat Spots from Wood


My daughter decided to eat a steaming hot bowl of soup on my diningroom table last weekend and did not put a trivet under the bowl (she is only 10 and didn't know). The result was 2 white heat scorch marks. I think I about passed out when I saw the 2 rings.

I had to figure out how to get the marks out. I read to use mayo on the spots....didn't work. I also saw that you mixed mayo with firepit ashes and apply the paste to the spots... but my firepit is under water (we're in the rainy season here in OH). Another thing I read was to get a krazy kloth from Linen N Things but I have not had time to get there and I don't want to waste money on a chance. Last I read that you apply a steaming iron on a wash cloth covering the spot and it will pull the spot out and then you rub in wood oil. Ding ding ding.. it was worth a shot.

First make sure you have water in your iron and turn it up to the high steam setting. Second find a thick wash cloth or dishtowel that does not have any pattern in it. Third have a second clean rag and wood oil on hand, I used Old English.

I folded my dish towel in half and covered the 2 rings. I gently applied the iron to the towel and iron in the area of the spots, I was afraid of holding it in place and did this for a few seconds at a time. This immediately started to pull the white rings out. I then rubbed some oil on the spots. I have to admit it looked like it came out and I took a picture, but in the picture I still could see the rings so I did the iron application again and rubbed more oil on the table. This removed the rings!

I also have an end table that has a really bad heat scorched spot from where I put a vaporizer on the table on a towel and it steamed the table underneath an ugly white color. It's been scorched for 10 years and I didn't know how to fix it. It will be my little project tomorrow and I will post my results.

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