Saturday, April 13, 2013

Removing White Heat Spots from Wood - The end table

Friday I posted about how to remove a white heat mark from a wooden table.

My old end table has a ugly oval shaped heat scorch from a vaporizer. 10 years ago my infant daughter was sick and I wasn't thinking when I put the vaporizer on a towel on top of the table. In minutes my table was damaged. Since then a lamp has been strategically covering the mark.

I plan to get new tables soon, but my sister-in-law already took the matching coffee table and is waiting for me to fork over the end tables. I am happy I will be able to give her these tables in good condition and without the eyesore scorch mark.

I followed the same process as I did for my diningroom table. High heat steam iron. Use a thick unpatterned dishtowel or wash cloth folded in half to cover mark. Lightly iron the towel for a few seconds at a time until spot fades. Apply oil and rub in good. Repeat as needed.

This spot is bad so my final result today is still a barely visible mark. I will hit it again in a few days, I want the oil to condition what I have done so far before I attempt getting the rest of it out.  It's really deep and I do not want to chance damaging the table from over doing this on my first attempt.

This is amazing and I am thrilled I found this solution on a message board on the internet.

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