Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daniel's Fast

In December, I decided to change my way of eating for the purposes of being healthier. I did not want to wait until January to do it as a resolution because I did not want to lessen my reasoning for the change. My first resource was reading Alicia Silverstone's book A Kind Diet. This book was a great resource and it opened my eyes to things I had not considered while eating a meat based diet. I made the decision to change how I approach eating and nutrition for myself.

Change has been slow and for a reason, I did not want to go full out and overwhelm myself or my family. Cutting meat was my first priority and I weaned myself in about 1 week. I do want to add in though that before I read A Kind Diet that I had already decided to change to a vegetarian diet and the book was a reference but I got so much from it that solidified my decision and it changed my outlook on how to buy meat and dairy products for my family. I have been struggling to eliminate dairy and eggs just being honest most good foods and treats have both in them but my consumption has dropped to very little or none in the past 4 months. Ridding sweets from my everyday diet has been my challenge and I struggle with it more than anything else.

On Easter my good friend Jen was telling me about the Daniel Fast  which is basically a vegan diet done for 21 days. I researched it and it can be broken down 2 ways first 10 days will allow for ONLY water, veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds, tofu, and herbs and spices. The 21 days gets stricter by eliminating wine, all leavened breads, and all sweetners (including honey). This is considered a partial fast and his based on the book of Daniel in the Bible. You can do only the 21 days or the full 31 days just depends on each person.

Jen and I are in agreement to do the fast together ya know cuz warm weather is just around the corner here in Ohio. I think the change is easier on me in many ways because I have not had meat in 4 months, really don't eat eggs, and take in very  little dairy the big struggle is no soda and no processed junk food. Poor Jen has to completely overhaul her entire diet. I think this will jumpstart the remaining changes that I need to make to my diet and look forward to the next several weeks. I look forward to sharing our experience with you.

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