Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soup Can Pencil Container

It's snowing like crazy here! Kids school was already closed for Wednesday. We will see if the adults get a snow day too, lets hope! I could use a housework catch up day midweek.

Here is our newly added addition to little girl's room, she helped make this:

Little girl is loving her tackboard and chalkboard, who wouldn’t?  I did buy her some bistro chalkboard markers in neon colors so we don’t have so much chalk dust on her desk. She thought these markers were so cool.  We decided she needed a pencil holder to keep these markers in. Luckily we have one we made last year for her school desk. She loves bright colors, peace signs, feather boas, and Campbell’s Soup.... from that her pencil can was born.

After cleaning the can, I hot glued felt on the bottom and inside walls. I took the fabric over the can lip and glued to the outside. Then I took the peace sign felt and attached to the outside of the can and added the feathers for a little flare.  My son is wanting a chalkboard and tackboard for his room, too. So we are on the lookout for either Minecraft or Lego Ninjago fabric :-)

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