Sunday, March 10, 2013

Small Fixes

I tend to get a lot of knobs stripped out thanks to my kids pulling or standing on them or unscrewing them. My son was kind enough to strip out the screw on my sofa table which is currently the base for our family room TV. Once he stripped it out and knowing I would be mad he used scotch tape to tape it onto the table. It was a little obvious :) but I like that he tried to find a solution. Its been stripped out for a few months and I left the knob sitting on top of the table until I had time to fix it. My son got a hold of the knob last week and even after telling him to leave it alone it disappeared (later was found under the couch). I decided it was time to fix the knob.

Normally I would mix saw dust and wood glue and fill the hole, but I am fresh out of saw dust, so I used a wood filler to fill the screw hole on the knob and let it sit a few days to dry, once dry I screwed the knob back on. It's as secure now as it was when I first got the table almost 15years ago.

Just one little fix on our long list of things to get done.



Oh, happy time change for anyone affected. I still see daylight and it is 6:18pm. Spring is on its way!

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