Monday, March 11, 2013

Peace, Love, Happiness, and More Peace

I know that I said the curtains would be the next upgrade in little girl's room but instead while on a quick Hobby Lobby walk through during my lunch hour I found aqua and hot pink glittered letters near the girls room aisle.  They were $6.99 each, and with a 40% off coupon per letter, I thought these were a perfect fit for the changes we are making in her room. They also had some peace signs that were $19.99 each but I remembered seeing some plain wood peace signs at Walmart that I thought would be a better deal and we can customize them.

Today we made a trip to Walmart and they were out of the wood peace signs, but had thick felt peace signs, hearts, and flowers. Little girl loved them and they were $1.99 each so I was happy to get them. I think we will look for some rhinestones to jazz them up but the change is really nice. We also found some really cute white sheets covered in lime, purple, aqua, and hot pink peace signs.

We used a level to keep it all straight and everything was hung using Command picture hanging strips.

Now we just need some new curtains, a new quilt, and she needs to pick a new wall color or stick with what she has, either way we need to repaint her walls to freshen it up. She would not let me completely remove the Disney Princess wall stickies so they are on the side of her armoire for now. Her Chef Kitty poster is another thing she refuses to part with, so I am on the lookout for a cute frame that we can paint for it.

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