Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megan's LOVE Art

Honey We're Home quickly became one of my favorite blogs after finding it from a pinterest pin over a year ago. Megan has great taste and a beautiful home.  One of her recent DIY projects was LOVE ART. This consisted of 12 inch letters from Hobby Lobby to spell out LOVE. The Hobby Lobby letters were originally either antique gold or antique bronze.

Megan spray painted the LVE in black and the O in gold. I really liked this project and had a perfect wall to do it on so I bought each letter while on sale at 50% off for $5 each. I bought black lacquer spray paint so the letters would be a shiny black, and the metallic gold for the O, both are Rustoleum.  I was debating painting the O in silver and am still debating changing it but for now I like the gold.

After painting these I hung them using Command picture hanging strips, using a level to keep it all straight. This is one of my favorite projects in my house, I LOVE the way it looks.

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