Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megan's LOVE Art

Honey We're Home quickly became one of my favorite blogs after finding it from a pinterest pin over a year ago. Megan has great taste and a beautiful home.  One of her recent DIY projects was LOVE ART. This consisted of 12 inch letters from Hobby Lobby to spell out LOVE. The Hobby Lobby letters were originally either antique gold or antique bronze.

Megan spray painted the LVE in black and the O in gold. I really liked this project and had a perfect wall to do it on so I bought each letter while on sale at 50% off for $5 each. I bought black lacquer spray paint so the letters would be a shiny black, and the metallic gold for the O, both are Rustoleum.  I was debating painting the O in silver and am still debating changing it but for now I like the gold.

After painting these I hung them using Command picture hanging strips, using a level to keep it all straight. This is one of my favorite projects in my house, I LOVE the way it looks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Peace, Love, Happiness, and More Peace

I know that I said the curtains would be the next upgrade in little girl's room but instead while on a quick Hobby Lobby walk through during my lunch hour I found aqua and hot pink glittered letters near the girls room aisle.  They were $6.99 each, and with a 40% off coupon per letter, I thought these were a perfect fit for the changes we are making in her room. They also had some peace signs that were $19.99 each but I remembered seeing some plain wood peace signs at Walmart that I thought would be a better deal and we can customize them.

Today we made a trip to Walmart and they were out of the wood peace signs, but had thick felt peace signs, hearts, and flowers. Little girl loved them and they were $1.99 each so I was happy to get them. I think we will look for some rhinestones to jazz them up but the change is really nice. We also found some really cute white sheets covered in lime, purple, aqua, and hot pink peace signs.

We used a level to keep it all straight and everything was hung using Command picture hanging strips.

Now we just need some new curtains, a new quilt, and she needs to pick a new wall color or stick with what she has, either way we need to repaint her walls to freshen it up. She would not let me completely remove the Disney Princess wall stickies so they are on the side of her armoire for now. Her Chef Kitty poster is another thing she refuses to part with, so I am on the lookout for a cute frame that we can paint for it.
Sunday, March 10, 2013

Small Fixes

I tend to get a lot of knobs stripped out thanks to my kids pulling or standing on them or unscrewing them. My son was kind enough to strip out the screw on my sofa table which is currently the base for our family room TV. Once he stripped it out and knowing I would be mad he used scotch tape to tape it onto the table. It was a little obvious :) but I like that he tried to find a solution. Its been stripped out for a few months and I left the knob sitting on top of the table until I had time to fix it. My son got a hold of the knob last week and even after telling him to leave it alone it disappeared (later was found under the couch). I decided it was time to fix the knob.

Normally I would mix saw dust and wood glue and fill the hole, but I am fresh out of saw dust, so I used a wood filler to fill the screw hole on the knob and let it sit a few days to dry, once dry I screwed the knob back on. It's as secure now as it was when I first got the table almost 15years ago.

Just one little fix on our long list of things to get done.



Oh, happy time change for anyone affected. I still see daylight and it is 6:18pm. Spring is on its way!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter's last visit?

Shouldn't it be spring????

Today is a cold snow covered day here in Ohio. We got about 6 inches over night. I am guessing (and hope) this is our last snow of winter. As we are starting to warm up and thaw out, the winter storm is zeroing in on the east coast. Just wanted to share my view....Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soup Can Pencil Container

It's snowing like crazy here! Kids school was already closed for Wednesday. We will see if the adults get a snow day too, lets hope! I could use a housework catch up day midweek.

Here is our newly added addition to little girl's room, she helped make this:

Little girl is loving her tackboard and chalkboard, who wouldn’t?  I did buy her some bistro chalkboard markers in neon colors so we don’t have so much chalk dust on her desk. She thought these markers were so cool.  We decided she needed a pencil holder to keep these markers in. Luckily we have one we made last year for her school desk. She loves bright colors, peace signs, feather boas, and Campbell’s Soup.... from that her pencil can was born.

After cleaning the can, I hot glued felt on the bottom and inside walls. I took the fabric over the can lip and glued to the outside. Then I took the peace sign felt and attached to the outside of the can and added the feathers for a little flare.  My son is wanting a chalkboard and tackboard for his room, too. So we are on the lookout for either Minecraft or Lego Ninjago fabric :-)
Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kids Message Center

Happy Sunday!

A long standing project was to create a chalkboard and a tackboard for my daughter's room. I had some old frames that I no longer used, but did not want to throw away so I decided to repurpose these frames to make this project.

First, I used acryllic craft paint in aqua to paint the frames, then to give the frames a shimmery finish, I applied a thin coat of Behr Pearlesence. This changes the look of the paint, but not the color. Here is the back of the frame:

Next, I painted the glass with chalkboard paint, several coats until coated evenly. This board was complete. For the tackboard, I bought a 4 pack of cork tiles from walmart and cut to fit, I attached them to the backing (see picture above, the black back of the frame) with spray glue. Be sure to use spray glue outside or in your garage, other wise it gets everywhere (trust me, I already learned that lesson in my kitchen!).

You will notice in the picture that I have cork laying next to the frame, well I had to add a second layer of cork because it was not thick enough for the tacks. For the second layer of cork, I put the frame together and fitted the second layer inside the frame, otherwise the frame backing will be too thick for the frame. I attached the second layer of cork to the first using spray glue:

The fabric is from Joann's, and was cheap. It is a thick fabric I think I bought 1.5yards so I will have plenty left over to make a pillow. I ironed the fabric to get any creasing or wrinkles out. I spray glued the fabric to the top cork layer and smoothed it on.

After the fabric  and glue set for about 10 minutes, I put the frame together. I hung these over my daughter's desk side by side using command picture hanging strips.

My kids are both loving this. I am expecting my son to want something similar in his room. My daughter is getting too old for her princess theme but is isn't completely ready let it go yet, so this is our first phase in changing her room to peace signs. The Ariel on the side of the cabinet was previously on the wall where the boards are. Ariel was taken down completely after I finished hanging the boards. New curtains will be our next project in her room.