Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monster Madness

Hey Y'all! February 2nd and it is snowing like crazy here in southern Ohio, yuck! I prefer warm weather.

February is my month to eliminate white sugar. As I was drinking red crème soda #2 last night I remembered it was February 1st. Ooops! Well it was a great way to send off sugar.

I was on a business trip most of this week in Atlanta, tornados.  Land in Dayton on Thursday night and it was snowing and the further south I drove the worse it got.

Today despite the house being a mess I have a big paper to write, and we are taking the kids to the Monster Truck show. I know people think its redneck but every kid has to see at least one monster truck show, right?

Not much for today, because I am behind on my school work and gotta get ready for the monster truck show. 17 days of school left before MBA!

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