Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally, I can move forward!

Today I paid for my class, submitted my tuition reimbursement forms to work, and submitted my application for graduation. So unless something goes wrong with any of these final items I am FINISHED with school! I am just waiting for my reimbursement which will be 2-4 wks for that and then up to 4wks to get the final transcript and diploma by mail (no I am not doing commencement). So I am finally done and can move forward with other things. Yipee!
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finally Finished!

I completed my final class on Monday! All requirements have been met for graduation. Once my grade posts I can apply for graduation.  Can't wait to complete the remainder of this process.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Frazzled but hanging on

Friday night my house was freezing! I thought it was just me being cold. But this morning it was even colder. Furnace went out but our heating and air guy came through and was able to fix it up.....for $343 but it is warm now :-)

I took my final exam today. There was a 3 hour limit and it took me the entire 3 hours...I was a bit frazzled after that test, it was so hard, I drove home in a haze. The test covered the entire masters program (the past 4 years of my life) and there was no way to prepare for it. I am not exaggerating when I say there were a lot questions about subject matter that was never covered in the program. I got 88 out of 100, which I was happy and relieved for. I was not happy at the same time because I missed an A by 2 questions, but it will not hurt my overall class grade. So I have let it go...

Sunday and Monday I will be working on my final project and coordinating powerpoint presentation. And then I will be finished.

Today I did get my bedroom cleaned, laundry underway, and floors swept and vacuumed. Not bad we will see what gets done tomorrow.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Check out my new style

I was wanting a quick facelift for my page and I went to Designer Blogs and bought a $15 template and love the immediate change and new look compared to the generic look and feel of the blogger templates.  I wanted change now so the $15 template fit the bill, I might change it later but and tickled with the new look.

Still working on finishing out my class this weekend. I hope to finish my paper today, start working the powerpoint too and tomorrow find a quiet place to take the final exam. 

Have a great weekend!
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day! not much going on at my house. I took some pictures of my felt heart wreath but i just don't have time to post them. I hope everyone gets whatever they are hoping for. I don't want anything but have had fun decorating boxes for the kid's class parties. I am in my final week of school, very busy trying to finish up my final project and preparing for my final exam.

Updated June 22, 2013: I know 4 months later, but I just found the SD card that had my wreath picture on it. 

This was 2x2 inch felt squares pushed onto a wire hanger shaped like a heart. Cutting all the squares was a job. Once all squares (cut a small slit in the center of each squares to slide easily on the hanger) were on the hanger, I folded the hanger ends into 2 hooks to lock the ends together. I made felt flowers and hot glued them on the wreath.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monster Madness

Hey Y'all! February 2nd and it is snowing like crazy here in southern Ohio, yuck! I prefer warm weather.

February is my month to eliminate white sugar. As I was drinking red crème soda #2 last night I remembered it was February 1st. Ooops! Well it was a great way to send off sugar.

I was on a business trip most of this week in Atlanta, tornados.  Land in Dayton on Thursday night and it was snowing and the further south I drove the worse it got.

Today despite the house being a mess I have a big paper to write, and we are taking the kids to the Monster Truck show. I know people think its redneck but every kid has to see at least one monster truck show, right?

Not much for today, because I am behind on my school work and gotta get ready for the monster truck show. 17 days of school left before MBA!