Monday, December 31, 2012

Break is over!

Months later from the start of my blog attempt and life has been an obstacle. I was a cheer coach for my daughter's competition squad and although there were 3 of us the committment was huge. Running every night of the week to some kids activity (dance, gymnastics, cheer) and not getting home until 8-9pm, makes for a long day especially when you work a fulltime job. It is very hectic, anxiety filled, and stressful.

I started my second to last class in the fall and completed it in December, corporate finance at any degree level for me is a challenge because finance and accounting are not my cup of tea. I did pass the class with an A (Woot Woot!) but it was hard to get there. I have one class to go! So by March I will have my long anticipated MBA! I look forward to being done, but not sure yet if my education will stop there. What I plan to do not sure just yet, the further education may be something personal/ a hobby like yoga, sewing, cooking, we'll see. 2013 will be a year of learning for me because my focus can finally be outside academia and instead on my life and health.


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